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About Media TalkBack

“Media TalkBack” formulated in 2017 is an innovative new age initiative by Media & Entertainment Skills Council. Media TalkBack is the Showcase of Industry Expertise, Opportunities, Possibilities, and Real Life Stories. Its goal is not only to capture the influential insights/advice from Industry experts/ Their achievements or success stories of exceptional talents but also to break new ground in the M & E Industry to help future aspirants who are looking forward to doing something extraordinary.

With 23 Editions released so far, the magazine is distributed digitally to 2 Lac+ people all over the world.

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New Release - Media TalkBack Special Edition On The Journey to Indiaskills

Media TalkBack's Special Edition in honour the journey to IndiaSkills 2021 is out!!! This special edition focuses on the various aspects and journey of winners and participants who reached the IndiaSkills National 2021. Showcasing the ups and down of their life and an inspirational excursion that makes you learn from the youngsters with passion. In addition, see how people from different geography come together to compete for the same goal that is to bring glory to the nation. Explore & learn from the experiences of the young and talented candidates and winners!!!

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