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About Media Talk Back

“Media TalkBack” formulated in 2017 is an innovative new age initiative by Media & Entertainment Skills Council. Media TalkBack is the Showcase of Industry Expertise, Opportunities, Possibilities, and Real Life Stories. Its goal is not only to capture the influential insights/advice from Industry experts/ Their achievements or success stories of exceptional talents but also to break new ground in the M & E Industry to help future aspirants who are looking forward to doing something extraordinary.

With 23 Editions released so far, the magazine is distributed digitally to 2 Lac+ people all over the world.

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New Release - Creative & Performing Arts

Media Talkback's latest edition focuses on the 'Creative & Performing Arts". The new edition offers the opportunity to Explore diverse creative cultures and Grab Insights from the most prominent names of the Performing Arts Industry - Mr. Salim Arif (Actor and MESC GC Member), Mr. Sushil Sakhuja (Sculptor and MESC GC Member), Mr. Rajesh Puri (Actor, Director, Producer), Mr. Sushil Parashar (Actor), Mr. Naresh Suri (Actor), Ms. Manini De (Actress), Mr. Jiten Lalwani (Actor), Mr. Hemant Choudhary (Actor), Mr. Hitesh Ralhan (Director, T Series StageWorks Academy / GKFTII T Series Educational Wing), Dr. Deepti Trivedi (Vice President, T Series StageWorks Academy / GKFTII T Series Educational Wing), Ms. Shaiphali Saxena (Founder, Angel's Music Academy), Ms. Hritisha Rewadia (Opera Queen of Rajasthan), Mr. Rajan Chawla (Founder, Phoenix Theatre), Mr. Vikas Bahari (Founder, Prism Theatre), Mr. Amul Sagar (Founder, Black Pearl Arts), Mr. Murugan Pillai (Founder, Nithya Kalari Ayurveda Kendra), Mr. Devesh Nigam (Founder, Cineaste) Mr. Anurag Ramgopal (Founder, LMB Productions) Download your free copy only at!