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UGC – Community Colleges



Community Colleges (CC) to serve multiple needs including (i) career oriented education and skills to students interested in directly entering the workforce; (ii) training and education programmes for local employers; (iii) high-touch remedial education for secondary school graduates not ready to enroll in traditional colleges, giving them a path to transfer to three or four year institutions and (iv) general interest courses to the community for personal development and interest.

The Plan Document also states that Community Colleges will be located to facilitate easy access to underprivileged students and such colleges could either be established as affiliated colleges of universities or as entirely autonomous institutions.

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The main objectives of the scheme are:-

  • To make higher education relevant to the learner and the community
  • To integrate relevant skills into the higher education system
  • To provide skill based education to students currently pursuing higher education but actually interested in entering the workforce at the earliest opportunity
  • To provide employable and certifiable skills based on National Occupational Standards (NOSs) with necessary general education to Senior Secondary School pass-outs, with general education and /or vocational education background.
  • To provide for up-gradation and certification of traditional / acquired skills of the learners irrespective of their age
  • To provide opportunities for community–based life-long learning by offering courses of general interest to the community for personal development and interest
  • To provide opportunity for vertical mobility to move to higher education in future
  • To offer bridge courses to certificate holders of general / vocational education, so as to bring them at par with appropriate NSQF level.
  • To provide entrepreneurial orientation along with required skill training for self-employment and entrepreneurship development.

An academic progression for the students in Vocational stream is illustrated below:

NSQF Level Skill ComponentCredits General Education Credits Normal Duration Exit Points / Awards
6 72 48 Four Semester Advanced Diploma
5 36 24 Two Semester Diploma
4 18 12 One Semester Certificate