Winner – Medallion Of Excellence

3D Digital Game Art

My journey started when I was doing my second year of college and my mother called me one day to tell me about the IndiaSkills ad she saw in the newspaper and wanted me to go home to Kerala to participate for the 3D Game Art competition. After winning at that competition, there was a Regional Selection rounds held at Bangalore, and then I was able to achieve gold at the IndiaSkills Nationals. After that, I was given an opportunity to participate at AsiaSkills Abu Dhabi. Lakshya Digital, who is the Industry Partner of 3D Game Art for IndiaSkills, took me in and trained me and helpled me polish my technical and artistic skills and I was trained under Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Associate Art Director of Lakshya, who was my Expert for Worldskills Kazan. He guided me and trained me to become the best i can be. Winning Silver at Global Skills Australia boosted my confidence, because till then i thought i wasn't good enough compared to the rest of the participants there. From then on, i practiced hard on fixing my faults and on bringing a quality output to the table. Pankaj, who won Silver at Indiaskills, with whom i was being trained with, helped me improve in my work, like partners in gym. I am very thankful for the help and guidance he has given me.

In Kazan, while i was at my workstation working on modules, i faced a lot of challenges that i couldn't even anticipate. But i was lucky enough to work my way through them and develop a product that won me a Medallion for Excellence. It was like a test of Endurance, because i had times where i felt everything was falling apart and wanted to quit. But then i remember i have to fight on no matter what, at any cost. That attitude got me into thinking positive and i was able to finish everything on time in a way i wanted.

My message for upcoming competitors is that while you are at there, you have to have control over your mind and body and you must be able to visualize the goal. There will be pressure and challenges that might bring you to your knees, but the strongest thing you could do there is to get back up and fight your way through it.