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About Media Talk Back

Media Talk Back” formulated in 2017 is an innovative new age initiative by Media & Entertainment Skills Council. Media Talk Back is the Showcase of Industry's Expertise, Opportunities, Possibilities and Real Life Stories. Its  goal is not only to capture the influential insights/advices from Industry experts/ Their achievements or success stories of exceptional talents but also to break new ground in the M & E Industry to help future aspirants who are looking forward to do something extraordinary.

Upcoming Editions

1. Digital Media Trending!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Special Edition covering the Impact of Social and Digital Media in our Lives.

2. Dance - The Never-ending Spirit!

Coming up with Stories and Ideas from Dance Professionals like never before. Our upcoming edition includes people with Tremendous Experience and Overwhelming Passion for Dance.

New Release -The Art of Acting

Celebrating the Launch of the Special Exclusive Edition - The Art of Acting! In this Latest Edition, you've the chance to learn from the valuable advices and insights of Top Notch Actors and Prominent Personalities of Indian Film and TV Industry "Mr. Amit Behl, Mrs. Amala Akkineni, Shri. Salim Arif, Mrs. Kiran Joneja Sippy, Mr. Santanu Bose(Associate Dean, National School of Drama) Mr. Viraf Patel, Mr. Sharhaan Singh, Ms. Nupur Alankar, Mr. Romit Raj, Mr. Ravi Jhankaal, Mr. Dinesh Kaushik, Dr. Deepti Trivedi from T Series Educational Wing, Mr. Anurag Sharma and more." Media Talk Back is also offering influential special insights of Ms. Jacqueline Rousetty who's a very talented and well-known German Actress".