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Want to get RPL Certified?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) enables you to get a Govt. Authorized Professional Certification for your Skills by qualifying one Assessment Test. Choose from 64 Job Roles under Media & Entertainment Sector :-

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Are you an Employer?

Are you an Employer? Evaluate your employees for their Skills & Up-Skill them with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Associate with us :-


Message from the CEO

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an excellent initiative by the Govt. of India to certify the people for their skills learned through experience, practice or informal trainings. The Media & Entertainment Industry has seen talent coming from all modes with or without formal qualification background of that skill. We appreciate the Art & Creativity. Currently our sector is going through various advancements with multiple Academic & Vocational Institutions offering learning courses but a few years earlier, there were no proper courses or formal education for many job roles. Through RPL, all the workers under our sector can get a professional Certificate authorized by the Govt. of India to define their skill sets as per the National Skills Qualification Framework. I urge all the freelancers, employees or any individual working under the M&E Sector to get recognition for your Skills by taking an Assessment Test and help create a league of Professionally Certified members.

Mr. Mohit Soni

Chief Executive Officer, MESC

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a platform to provide recognition to the informal learning or learning through work and practice to get equal acceptance as the formal levels of education. It aims to appreciate prior learning irrespective of the medium of achieving it. In short, RPL is a process of assessment of an individual's prior learning to give due importance to the skill set of the individual.

Implementation Strategy

  Sensitization and onboarding of eligible employers

  Identification of employer assessor and employees

  Project submission and approval

  Mobilization of the candidates

  Orientation of the employer assessor

  Internal Assessment

  Co-branded certification

Our Objective with RPL

  To Identify the skilled people who needs a formal recognition and certify them under RPL

  To align competencies of pre-existing workforce to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) and provide upward progression pathway to candidates on increasing NSQF levels

  To enhance the employability of an individual by recognizing their skill sets through Certification

  To Up-Skill the existing workforce as per the requirement and upgrade them for more employment opportunities in the Industry

  To provide opportunities for reducing Inequalities based on privileging certain forms of knowledge over others

  To Enhance Industry acceptability of the RPL Certification as an important program for evaluation of their employees for hiring, Up-skilling and re-Skilling them

  To Co-branded certification to incentivize and recognize the industry

We appreciate Talent in all forms

Whether or not you have a Diploma, Degree or a formal Qualification, we will certify you for your Skills with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program.

RPL Benefits to the Individuals


Recognize your skill sets with RPL Certification

Best Teachers

Map your skills to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF)


Participate in Rozgar Mela and connect with employers of your skill set


Get benefits of the Government Reward money schemes


The skilled people already go through an evaluation or training process when they go for employment in the Industry. RPL makes it more inclusive.

Through RPL, the Employers can reap out benefits like;

Boosting the team’s morale and increase productivity by recognizing the less privileged members who couldn’t access formal certification and getting them up-skilled and RPL Certified

Establish an objective assessment criteria for skills included in the National Skills Qualification Framework, regardless of a person’s educational background.

Align RPL assessments with Internal performance evaluations to better inform learning & development decisions

Upgrade skill sets and increase your work opportunities

Our Programs


Through Upskilling, we teach new skills to the existing workforce that will help them in thriving in their jobs or businesses and help them in becoming more efficient. You can Upskill your employees, members, students or even yourself on various soft skills, Technical skills, Using software tools & equipment, Platform training, Marketing & communications, sales techniques and many more. Enquire now to join the program.


Through Reskilling, we focus on teaching aspirants the new and upcoming skills to do a different or more advanced job. With the technology advancements and changing market demands, reskilling is the key to the growth of an individual or a business. Reskill yourself, your employees, members or students to equip them for doing advance level tasks, more work opportunities, increase business and productivity.

Benefits of Upskilling & Reskilling

  Increases Productivity

  Future-proof your business

  Retain top talent and reduce hiring cost

  Cross function teams

  Boost employee motivation

  Strengthen the relationship between employees and employers

RPL is adopted by the many Industry Leaders

Build your Repo by contributing towards skilling people

Associate with us for Skilling initiatives in the Media & Entertainment sector and contribute towards creating a skilled workforce, Entrepreneurs and the budding talent of tomorrow.

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Eligibility Criteria for Best-in-class Employers (BICE)

For Large Enterprises

  Employees on the payroll as permanent or contractual (Freelancers on project basis) of the eligible employer

  Minimum work experience of at least 6 months

  Possessing a valid aadhar card

  Not certified already under NSQF

For Medium Enterprises

  The employees on the payroll as permanent or contractual (Freelancers on project basis) of the eligible employer

  Minimum work experience of at least 6 months

  Possessing a valid author card

  Not certified already under NSQF

For Small Enterprises

  Employees on the payroll as permanent or contractual (Freelancers on project basis) of the eligible employer

  Minimum work experience of at least 6 months

  Possessing a valid author card

  Not certified already under NSQF