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At times when most recruiters & job seekers are digitally savvy, MESC virtual job fair presents fabulous opportunities to connect with leading entrepreneurs of the nation online. This is a rare opportunity for all the skilled job seekers to scout for relevant jobs and for recruiters who can receive the details of job seekers in real-time.

There might be some layoffs and furloughs due to the current Pandemic but there are still thousands of opportunity waiting for you, all you have to do is just look around.

Participate in the biggest Virtual Job Fair of the year and connect with thousands of skilled workers and entrepreneurs in just one click!

Who Should Apply?

Media & Entertainment Skills Council in association with Aptech Ltd welcomes all the skilled/experienced candidates seeking career opportunities in the AVGC Industry. Candidates who are passionate for their work and have the dedication to work under challenging circumstances. cordially invited to apply

What are the Benefits?

MESC Virtual Job fair is a rare opportunity for all the skilled/experienced job seekers who are motivated for a life-changing opportunity. Also it has some thriving exercises for the participants to boost their motivation:

  • An exposure of Mock Interviews A brilliant exposure for the candidates to boost their confidence and have constructive feedback in a positive environment.  
  • Grooming Session We all have often heard this that first impressions are seldom more important in a Job interview. It is easy to assume that everyone knows the basic requirements on presenting oneself at job interviews, but it’s a topic we could always use a refresher on.
  • Quiz Sessions Quizzes are one of the significant elements of any Job interview that allows practising existing knowledge while stimulating interest in learning about a new subject matter.  

How to Apply?

You can simply register for MESC Virtual Job Fair in association with Aptech Ltd,
by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Steps

Step 2 :

Reserve your seat by registering your details.

Step 3 :

Select the desired work profiles.

Step 4 :

Upload your CV and make sure it is PDF, Doc or Docx file.

Step 5 :

The last step, click on "Register" after enrolling the required details.

Gear Up For the Virtual Job Fair!

Participate in the MESC Job Virtual Job Fair in association with Aptech Ltd. MESC welcomes all the recruiters and job seekers from North & East regions India to participate in phase 2 of Virtual Job Fair.

Got a skill? Get a Job!

Regions : North & East States

Dates : 23, 24 & 25 November 2020

Regions : West & South States

Dates : 26, 27 & 28 November 2020

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Become the part of the greatest Virtual Job Fair of the year. Witness thousands of skilled candidates along with distinguished leaders of Media & Entertainment Sector on this significant event. MESC welcomes students across the nation to partake in this life-changing opportunity where recruiters of pan-India will take part. Media and Entertainment Skills Council is constantly working diligently to strengthen the ecosystem of M&E Industry.

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