Frequently Asked Questions for Media Creative Aptitude Test

Ans- The Media Creative Aptitude Test will be conducted Online, starting from August 7th to 8th 2021.

Ans- The Media Aptitude test will be classified into 3 Parts:
Aptitude: 30 Marks
Creative: 30 Marks
Hands-On: 40 Marks

Ans- The duration of Media Creative Aptitude Test is 1 Hour 30 Minutes or 90 Minutes.

Ans- Yes, for each Sub-Sector, there will be a different MCAT paper.

Ans- Yes, you may apply for more than 1 Sub-Sector. However, you will have to make a new registration indicating your choice for new Sub-Sector that will include the registration fees of ₹500.

Ans- After qualifying the Media Creative Aptitude Test for Scholarship, every candidate will be given a choice to select any 5 (Maximum) Centers (as per their score) where they wish to enroll for studies.

Ans- Following are the levels Creative Aptitude Test:
1. Registrations
2. Scholarship Exam (August 7th to 8th, 2021)
3. Counselling Session
4. Choose Institute
5. Enrolment Process

Ans- Under M&E Sub-Sector field, you can choose the sub-sector and course you wish to enrol in.

Ans- Percentage of your Marks will determine the percentage of you MCAT Scholarship.
For instance: If you get 70% marks on MCAT, you will be granted 70% of Scholarship in the institution you wish to study.

Ans- 25 Days after the results published. You must enroll in 25 days to get benefit of the scholarship.