With accumulation of high revenue and repute to the college; Creative warrior offers value ads in national/international participation of the colleges. Rewards and recognitions along with branding in the events across the country with adaption of international standards and practices. MESC assists colleges receive the NSQF aligned curriculum for national recognition and certification. With the tech savvy and mobile friendly generation there is always an opportunity for students to learn more about the media & entertainment world even when they are completely into academic section giving them creative refreshment to their mind and soul.

The Creative Warrior gets an opportunity to opt for multiple programs or award levels at various stages of their academics. We offer diploma & advanced diploma programs along with multiple entry & exist options.

We can offer foundation & intermediate courses in:
  •   Acting/Theatre
  •   Dance/Aerobics
  •   Digital Photography
  •   Creative arts
  •   Mobile Film Making
  •   Graphic Design
  •   Digital Media
  •   2D & 3D Game Design
  •   Fine Arts & Crafts
  •  Animation & Visual Effects
  •   Print technology
  •   Modelling

College/University Programs

Creative warriors offer complete career oriented programs with internship of 6 months and assure placement opportunity with best in class after completion of B.Voc. Degree courses. At Creative Warriors we offer complete flexibility to the candidate to opt for the degree or diploma courses in their desired field.


Benefits of College:

Opportunities for College/University

  • Alignment as per NSQF Curriculum
  • Explore the plethora of interest
  • M&E Industry Exposure
  • Representation of College & University in WorldSkills
  • NSQF aligned joint certification
  • Mega Workshops and Seminars

Creative Warriors Programs @ Colleges/Universities

S.NO. Programs Duration (Months) Award Level
1. Graphic Design Technology 6 Certificate in Graphic Design
2. Graphic Design Technology 12 Diploma in Graphic and New Media Design
3. Graphic Design Technology 24 Advanced Diploma in Digital & Social Media
4. Graphic Design Technology 36 B.Voc. Degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media
5. 3D Digital Game Art 6 Certificate in Character design
6. 3D Digital Game Art 12 Diploma in 3D Game Art
7. 3D Digital Game Art 24 Advanced Diploma in 3D Game Design
8. 3D Digital Game Art 36 B.Voc Degree in 3D game Art & Design
9. Animation & VFX 36 B.Sc. Animation & VFX
10. Film Making 36 B.Sc. Film making
11. Performing Arts 36 B.Sc. Performing Arts
12. Augmented & Virtual Reality Design 12 Diploma in Augmented Reality Design
13. Augmented & Virtual Reality Design 24 Advanced Diploma in Virtual Reality Design
14. Augmented & Virtual Reality Design 36 B.Voc Degree in Augmented & Virtual Reality Design