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Creative warriors programs are an initiative focusing on the pursuit of advancement and enhancement of Media and Entertainment Courses in coordination with Industry Leaders. Creative Warrior programs aims to provide a platform leading to high wage based employability and exciting careers for entrepreneurship in media & Entertainment sector. These are industry led training programs supported by live projects and apprenticeship opportunities. The Creative Warrior programs have been designed keeping in mind the entry and exit possibility of a student from the 9th – 12th standard.

For higher education Creative warriors offer diploma, degree and post graduate, B.Sc. &B.Voc. in animation, graphics, gaming, VFX, filmmaking, performing arts etc.

Creative Warrior Institution will lead in providing skills-based educational programming that integrates theory with application, preparing students for global careers in art foundation, digital and technical fields. Dedicated facilities at Creative Warrior Institution will have capacity to serve close to 1000+ students annually at its state-of-the-art campus.


Creativity is a priority for education and is central to the discourse on 21st century learning. It is a proven fact that everyday creativity in schools changes the dynamics of teaching and learning. Creative Warriors aims to provide a strong foundation in not only building a successful career but also character and overall growth of the students.

If the individual possess a creative mindset he/she is most likely to embrace curiosity, be persistent, suspend judgment, tolerate ambiguity and come up with quick problem solving ideas. The use of technology in education has removed educational boundaries, both students and teachers can collaborate in real time using advanced educational technologies

Creative Warriors Programs

MESC envisages the creative warrior programs across the secondary & higher education from schools, colleges, university to vocational programs. These programs offer certification, diploma, graduation, post-graduation and Vocational degree hence; can be incorporated in the academic institutions. Based on the demand and local market scenarios; MESC may customize the programs to meet the specific requirement of the institution.

Mileage to School/College/University
  •   Industry Alliances
  •   National & International Competitions
  •   Curriculum & Content Delivery
  •   Position Yourself As Leader
  •   National & International Exposure
  •   Representation Of Academic Institution In India Skills & World Skills
  •   NSQF Aligned Joint Certification
  •   Adoption To Transnational Standards
  •   Certification Of Teachers As Per Global Standards
  •   Mega Workshops & Seminars
  •   Promotion Of Academic Institution At Various Platforms

Creative Warriors Benefits

  •   WorldSkills Curriculum
  •   National & International Competitions
  •   Workshop By Experts & Celebrities
  •   Interschool/College Competitions
  •   Opportunity To Represent In India Skills & World Skills
  •   Counseling Sessions On Future Trends
  •   Industry/Field Visits
  •   Interactive Online Content
  •   Monetary Awards & Recognition
  •   Experts And Celebrity Talk
  •   Certification By Mesc



The core mantra of preparing Creative Warriors is to enhance their academic learning with creative approach and help grooming children at a tender age so that by the time they're choosing career options, they are prepared to follow their passion and do what they love. There are multiple entry exit options for student’s convenience:


The first level will be from 9thto 10thstandard where an understudy will be instructed by NSQF educational program as per transnational standards. Here students will be guided on various topics that they are passionate about and interested in apart from their regular subjects.


The subsequent level will be from 11th to 12th standard with the higher variant and deeper understudy will be prepared for students by worldwide benchmarks which will make them employable too.

Chairman Message

Clint Jones
Shri. Subhash Ghai Chairman (MESC) Indian Film Director, Educationist, Producer & Screenwriter
The initiative by MESC i.e. Creative warriors Skills@pathshala is commendable and I congratulate the entire team for the same. MESC has started training the candidates from school level and preparing them for future. This is like grooming the bud to be a beautiful flower that will spread its fragrance around the world and make our country proud.

Being a Chairman of Media & Entertainment Skills Council I take immense pleasure and send my blessings to all the schools, colleges and universities who are taking a step ahead in creating leaders for Media & Entertainment Space. In the world full of strict technical disciplines they are they are nurturing the young minds and giving them freedom on creativity. Your students will be successful for sure because one is bound to succeed if they love what they do. As per my belief “God lives in the details; near the obvious. The moment you are going to look beyond the obvious, you will find something new in it and you will excel in the job”.

Creative Warriors for Colleges/Universities

At MESC, we strongly believe creative and performing arts is the birth-right of everyone, it’s an essential way that human beings can connect with others and explore their surroundings. The core mantra of preparing Creative Warriors is to enhance their academic learning with creative approach and help develop discipline and confidence that will serve children well throughout their lives. Now, MESC understands that there is a growth opportunity and discipline development required from school level although for people who have already crossed that line and are discovering career opportunities once they move to higher education in college/university level. For these students we have designed Special Creative Warriors Degree and Diploma Program.

Selection Processin 3 steps

Tests are important to monitor student potential and calibre. Learning style and multiple intelligences tests help teachers learn how to best meet the needs of their students through instructional techniques.


Student in or after 9th standard can register for being a creative warrior


The registered students will go through a review test which will measure the creative calibre of a student


The selected students wil get an opportunity to be trained from the top experts in the world

Media and Entertainment Skills Council

We are a Not-for-Profit Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Council has been promoted by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) with financial support by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). MESC has a mandate to create 11.74 lakhs (1.2 mn approx.) skilled workforce by 2022 and contribute to the National Skill Mission of creating 500 million skilled work-force by 2022.


To nurture and sharpen the talent in every student of School/College/University so that they proceed, primed and energized for careers across the Globe.


“Academy Of Excellence” and will be known for creative professional studies based upon focused and balanced curricula providing freedom of creativity.

Creative Warriors #skills@pathshala

Formulating a Creative Tomorrow for the Leaders of Education.


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